Innovation and Change

Does Pain Cause Creativity?

If we look at the history of art and artists we see that many artists did their most creative work during the most painful phase of their lives. Pain makes everything human. It makes one empathize with others. And empathy is the greatest gift for creativity

How Do You Stimulate Creativity?

Innovation is about translating creativity into valuable opportunities (and then capturing the value). But is creativity something that can be generated or driven within companies? And if so, how? Innovating Without Creativity  Let’s take an innovation process such as design thinking. Take a problem, gather data, brainstorm, prototype and you have the solution to your…

Innovate or Bust: The Challenge for Young Companies

Innovations are countless and all around us. Just look at the evolution of the motor industry for instance. In less than twenty years we have gone from owning a car to different ways of just sharing the asset at our convenience. There is Zipcar, driveMyCar, relayrides, Go get, and many more. Look at health industry…
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