Dear CEOs, Whose Side Are You on?!

Plato argued that everyone has an obligation to participate in politics… and although the share of the population that actively engages in elections is a challenging issue for many governments, the current reality is possibly closest to Plato’s vision than ever before. If before people would discuss political and social issues around the dining table…

Electric Cars approaching the tipping point

The headlines from the Geneva Auto show last week make appear to indicate that electric vehicles are finally approaching what Malcolm Gladwell called The Tipping Point in his book by the same name. Whether they actually make it still remains to be seen but is, in my view, becoming increasingly likely.

Designing Urban Areas for Sustainable Futures: Will the Circular Economy be the Future Model of Economic Growth in Cities? (2/2)

Following on our previous post, this post is going to focus on how the circular economy could advance in the urban context. The circular economy (CE) offers great opportunities to reinvent our economy, making it more sustainable and competitive. It has the potential to benefit citizens, businesses and the environment alike, and to enhance collaborative…