Advertising in streaming

Lately, streaming networks have been particularly busy releasing new content, and the response has been very positive. Shows like “House of Dragons” and “Bridgerton” are keeping viewership high across various platforms. In fact, according to Netflix, users are more engaged than ever, spending over 10 hours a month on the platform, which is significantly higher […]

Is radio still a thing?

Radio, one of the most enduring forms of media, continues to stand strong throughout time. While it’s easy to think that podcasts, live streams, and other contemporary media formats have overshadowed it, radio’s resilience deserves a second look. Interestingly, the media industry holds a positive outlook on radio. Post-COVID-19, in 2021, investors showed a keen […]

Media Predictions 2024

2023 has unfolded as a year of remarkable events within the media landscape, from the writers’ strike and influencer scams to the notable renaming of Twitter. Some of these developments were anticipated, while others took us by surprise. Given this unpredictability, making reliable forecasts for the coming year seems challenging. Nevertheless, certain trends have emerged, […]