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Prof. Díaz-Giménez has dedicated most of his professional life to doing research and teaching macroeconomics. His recent work explores the macroeconomic consequences of fiscal policy and pension system reforms. He has published the results of his research in some of the leading professional journals such as the Journal of Political Economy and the Journal of Monetary Economics. He is also the author of the undergraduate textbook Macroeconomía: Primeros Conceptos (Macroeconomics: Primary Concepts).

5 thoughts on “PODCAST | Are We Looking at a New Oil Order?

  1. One of the things I am worry about is how this level of prices affect the development and spreading of clean energies. The lower oil prices, the more expensive costs in relative terms of cleaner sources of energies.

  2. Oil Price will be reduce until KSA reach “his” breaking even Price of refine in “his” refineries (ARANCO), this price it´s around 8$ per barril. In addition the I. R. of Iran will be a “new” guest in this game, almost 500.000 new barril wil be in the next 4-6 month and another adicionals 1.000.000 barrils (may be…) will be ready to sell. If the daily consum is 90M of barrils and the I.R. of Iran consumption is 1.7M, where is one over production of 1.5M. It´s very clear that in less of one year, over production will be of 3M per day…price will fall down until…10-15$ (my feeling)

  3. In addition my opinión is the oil to burn has no future, oil will be refine in plastics, self home consumption will be introduce, slow or fast, but in close future will be normal in many roof buildings see small wind propelers and solar panels to produce electritity to move ej lift motors, general lights of the building and self consumption at homes…we will need less oil to be burned (used) in cars, etc. My daughters will not drive a Otto cicle car…

  4. In my opinion, this lower price level affects the adoption of green alternative energies worldwide. I think the Saudi Kingdom might change its policy, since it started to have a huge budget deficit last year- around $98 billion! The Saudis have already announced plans to reduce their record budget deficit with spending cuts.

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