TPP 1-TTIP 0: The EU Needs to Mount a Comeback

The recently negotiated TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) has drawn a new map for global trade relations. This has multiple ramifications for Europe, which is working on signing another huge agreement with the United States: the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). A while back, I wrote about the significance of the TPP and how it could […]

TPP: United States and Japan make a move

The agreement signed by the United States and Japan, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which includes ten other countries, will represent 40% of the world’s trade volume. Given its scope, this agreement is a definite win for President Obama and Prime Minister Abe. With this agreement, numerous measures will be adopted to foster trade between the […]


Why does the EU “need” Greece? Five keys

Have we seen the end of the crisis in Greece and the euro with the third bailout? Is the deal good for the EU and Greece? It has been months—if not years—that the “Greece issue” has been in the news, but understanding it requires more than economic analysis. There are other determining factors, such as […]