5 Business Trends for 2017

Despite signs of economic recovery, populist movements against globalization present a watershed moment in 2017. Business leaders should plan for volatility and Industry 4.0 disruption, using gamification to develop talent, and rethinking what it means to win. IESE professors Nuria Mas, Mireia Las Heras, Marc Sachon, Pankaj Ghemawat and John Almandoz weigh in.

2 thoughts on “5 Business Trends for 2017

  1. I agree with your comment on increased volatility. I read somewhere that earnings per share in the S&P 500 have increased by 129% since April 2009, while the total return of the S&P 500 Index has been 190%. That gap in equity valuation should be a cause for concern with investors in 2017.

  2. The part about globalization is just at the point. It hasn´t collapsed nor will it, but makes me wonder again about all this black/white thinking, that has become so popular these days. Same goes for Populism. It´s treated as if it was an invention of some random right winged folks, no reflection here, no out of the box contemplation. The whole economy has become far to political in my opinion. There is far too much movements in the markets when Trump, Merkel, Obama, younameit makes a comment. It´s like because of the political theatre we got distracted from the basic idea about economy and social wellbeing for all of us, wherever we live, whatever we do, whatever our personal beliefs are

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