In Defense of the Business Plan

The business plan is under attack and deservedly so. Why spend so much time writing a fictional plan when you are pretty much certain that the odds of it translating to reality are near to zero? Framed this way it is indeed difficult to see why a rational person would venture out to write a…

Silicon Valley Innovation, European Style

These days many believe that Europe’s economy and its major corporations are stagnant, simply trying to fight the recession to survive. It turns out that this is far from reality. Increasingly, executives from major . In their search for growth, many end up spending time in Silicon Valley to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship,…

Business Plans Should Move to the Back Seat

Entrepreneurship, at least from the perspective of teaching and competitions, is all about business plans. This, however, is the wrong focus. New ventures, whether a new startup or a new idea in an established company, are about discovery. The more an entrepreneur wants to build a new market or change the parameters of an existing…
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