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Gamification in a Global Workforce

Play hard, work hard? Do we know the difference between play and work? Play is more fun and engaging, while work is more like something that ‘you have to do’? When we play football with friends in the park, when we spend evenings playing table games in nice company, when we compete in video games…

A Young Population, a Youthful Mentality

"Africa is young, Europe is old". That was one of the first conclusions I reached after a few weeks in Lagos.  I wasn't thinking just in terms of the age of the population, more in terms of the spirit and outlook I saw there. Africans are bursting with youth and energy which is why I…

Shared Language in Multinationals: Practical Implications

A couple of weeks ago I introduced the main premises of my latest academic research (forthcoming) on the benefits of shared language in multinational corporations in the blog. Based on an extensive international sample, my colleagues Harzing, Pudelko and I argue that shared knowledge is related to increased knowledge inflows from HQ to multinationals’ foreign…
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