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Localization: A Way to Deal with Expat Cost Pressures?

Expatriates are expensive, and this doesn’t come as a surprise. Indeed, according to the latest Brookfield Global Relocation Trends report (2014) expatriation cost pressures continue to be a predominant concern among multinational corporations. Although the majority of companies (98%) are still using long-term assignment policies, most probably with a balance sheet compensation approach, the continuous…

Why I Would Want You to Trust Me

Dear manager, could you ever imagine trusting your employees that much as to hire them without any need to fire them again? Dear employee, what would it feel like having that amount of trust and safety in your workplace? In his very exciting Ted Talk leadership expert Simon Sinek suggests considering these questions, as he…

The Many Benefits of a Shared Language in Multinationals

Knowledge sharing is a critical activity when it comes to multinational enterprises (MNEs) and doing business across borders. In my previous blog posts I have already touched upon the importance of global employees as ‘linking pins’ between headquarters (HQ) and subsidiaries, discussed the required input of both, knowledge transmitters and receivers, and brought up the…
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