The informal economy

Several African business leaders have warned me that we foreigners may easily misunderstand some clues that are critical for business. In particular, we may easily miss the role that the informal economy plays in most African countries. Official statistics may be misleading as they don't include informal economic activities. Let me give you an example.…

From Nigeria to Kenya

Last week I moved from Nigeria to Kenya, where I'm being hosted by Strathmore Business School (SBS), Strathmore University. Just as I got out of the plane, I could feel a difference: a nice freeze of fresh air, as opposed to the mass of humid, hot air that greeted me in Lagos. Weather played an important…

Economic Freedom in the World: Is it Ethically Significant?

In our culture figures and ranking are quite central, and the economic freedom is not an exception. There are several indexes which try to ranking countries through models nurture by statistic often taken from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Two of these indexes are probably the best-known worldwide. In general, their…
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