"In-spite-of" attitude: A necessary attitude for doing business in Africa

Don't most of us have a perception that African countries are a tough environment for business? Yet, no matter how tough, you can succeed if you have an "in-spite-of" attitude. This is the experience of Nigerian entrepreneur Austin Okere, whose example illustrates this necessary attitude for doing business in Africa. Austin started Computer Warehouse Group (CWG)…

Nigeria's post-colonial impoversihment

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a discussion about Nigeria's post-colonial impoverishment, and its evolution since it became independent in 1960. I learned many things about the country, and I though it might be interesting to share some of these insights with you. The discussion was led by Professor Catherine Duggan from Harvard Business…

Blackout excitement: Power problems in Nigeria

Daily life in Lagos – and for that matter, I guess in most of Nigeria and Africa – offers certain small excitements. One of them is the blackout excitement: some time(s) during the day, the light and/or the power goes off. Nobody gets disturbed; they just go about their business. There are generators both at…
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