International Women’s Day

A day to Dream for a Better World for All Men and Women!

At IESE we have a number or initiatives that target to empower women in business, and to encourage diversity in companies as an engine of positive social change globally. To achieve this goal, IESE i-WIL (Women In Leadership) fosters a change in mindset of global leaders and executive participants, and in organizational practices. IESE i-WIL is a center in that focuses on studying the effects of in-company diversity; the roadmap for women to top management career development; the role of women in executive and boards of directors positions.

Here you can find what IESE professors have published about Women in Leadership:

PODCAST | Brexit: Theresa May Just Be What Britain Needs

With the appointment of the UK’s second female prime minister, are we likely to see a smoother Brexit process? Related posts: EU: How to Deal with the Immigration Crisis PODCAST | Are We Looking at a New Oil Order? PODCAST | Trump Triumph: But at What Cost? SPOTLIGHT ON BREXIT

PODCAST | Has Hillary Clinton Broken the Glass Ceiling by Herself?

Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential nominee of a major political party in history. So does her bid for the White House mark a step change for women in leadership around the world? Or are there deep, underlying issues that we still need to address? Related posts: Asia Also Wants to Break the Glass […]

Lead… Like a Girl, Even if You Don’t get the Oscar (You Will Eventually – No Worries)

It is time for women to lead like women. And for both men and women to encourage and appreciate it. Women represent more than half of the world population, more than half of College graduates….and less than half drop-outs. . Whether that is considered male-or-female one. Yet, too many indications that this is not the […]

Asia Also Wants to Break the Glass Ceiling

I am back in Barcelona after spending a week in Asia, extremely encouraged by what I observed in that continent: work-family balance and, consequently, the advancement of women in leadership positions, is gaining importance at the political and corporate level. I had the opportunity to visit two large Japanese companies in Tokyo and meet the […]

International Women’s Forum: Transforming Tomorrow’s Reality Today

At the end of last month, I participated in the IWF World Leadership Conference. I am a board member of the association in Spain. The title “Transforming Tomorrow Today” embodied the incredible, proactive energy of the 800 Top Women from 40 countries who came together once again for the annual conference. The association, founded in […]

Why does depression bear a woman’s name?

The incidence of depression in women is currently twice that of men. What are the causes of this increased incidence? The psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé told us about this causal relationship during the last conference of the IWILL women’s platform at the IESE campus in Barcelona. The causes of this major difference vary greatly. It […]

Gender Quotas and the Boomerang Effect

The debate on the system of gender quotas for boards of directors is ongoing and although we should congratulate ourselves on some important advances, there is still a long way to go. I’m afraid the “coffee for all” approach often imposed in some countries, involving a mandatory percentage applicable to all companies in all sectors, […]

Women in Leadership Positions: Agents of Change

A few years ago, the CEO of a German bank told me that women who wanted to have a professional career would not be able to balance it with a family life. His company, like many, has work-life balance initiatives, but this is out of reach for women who want to advance in their profession: […]

Let’s Xerox it! Ursula Burns on Diversity

“Men and women ARE different“, Ursula Burns, the CEO of Xerox recently told me at an IESE event in Barcelona, (and I had to ask, “Can I quote you on this?”. Her clear and direct answer was, “Please do!”). I couldn’t agree more. Men and women are different. Otherwise, why would we need to have diversity in […]

Women Leaders are Movie Stars!

Patricia Arquette said it best, ‘It’s our time to have wage equality. Women all over the world face this same problem. According to the last report of the International Labour Organization, it remains clear: the pay gap is huge. Women in leadership are movie stars who work hard, shine brightly and contribute enormously to the overall success of the production—yet they make substantially less than their male counterparts…