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Expat Work and Life Domains: Conflicting, Balancing, or Enriching?

Work is one of the central tenets in human life. We ask our kids what do they want to do when they grow up; we start conversations by inquiring about each other’s jobs; we study extensively in order to secure future employment; we belong, as adults, to a well-defined working age population; we differentiate between…

Job creation: an engaging business purpose

In my interviews with managers from sub-Saharan African countries, I was surprised that – without my bringing up the topic – a large majority of them made a comment of this sort: "You know, what drives this company is job creation… Of course, we want to make money, and we do make money, but what…

A great Christmas gift in Ghana

Last year, the only two expatriates of the Ghanaian affiliate of a service company  were wondering what to offer their employees as a Christmas gift. With very good sense, they thought the best would be for the employees to decide themselves. The only condition was that it would be the same for everybody, so they…
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