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The Many Benefits of a Shared Language in Multinationals

Knowledge sharing is a critical activity when it comes to multinational enterprises (MNEs) and doing business across borders. In my previous blog posts I have already touched upon the importance of global employees as ‘linking pins’ between headquarters (HQ) and subsidiaries, discussed the required input of both, knowledge transmitters and receivers, and brought up the…

How do the Chinese and Africans mingle?

Chinese investments in Africa have been gaining pace since the turn of the century.  And Chinese people have immigrated onto the continent along with their investments. That much we knew. What I didn't know is that Africans are also migrating to China, according to articles in The Africa Report. One of them, called "People are…

Mindfulness on the Rise with Backing from Business

“Mindfulness” has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, often in the form of shallow New Age recipe for feeling good. But it’s worth re-visiting here because science and research are now backing up the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of the practice; benefits which are so extensive as to seem far-fetched. Once…
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