9 Tips to Drive and Generate Site Traffic

Consumers have changed. And with those changes come new consumer journeys, competitors and collaborators. While these changes do not affect all industries at the same pace, most CMOs and CEOs wonder how to digitally transform their businesses. For many, bringing more traffic to their site either to sell or to generate new leads is a […]


Farewell Hard Brands, Hello Soft

If you look at the characteristics of brands admired by consumers and considered well-managed today, we see that they follow a pattern. Brands from the 21st Century are soft, while the successful brands from the last century were hard. It is worth noting that in many cases the brands are not new, but their managers have known how to […]

Six Ways Collaborative Marketing Creates new Value

The rise of social media and online reviews may have turned yesteryear’s business-to-consumer marketing monologue on its head. But what has emerged in its place is an enriching conversation that can help you drive growth — only now with the consumer as co-pilot pointing the way to new opportunity.

Tapping into Online Reviews’ Potential

Does your business take online reviews seriously? , especially those that are less than praise. Typical knee-jerk reactions often include: Burry your head (the ostrich approach) and hope that the negative reviews’ fallout will just blow-over. Confront bad review (in social networks, etc.) or attempt to deal with all of them in the same way. Thank positive reviewers. […]


Four Pillars of Experiential Marketing (II)

In a previous post I introduced a four-pillar framework to help marketers build excellent experiential marketing campaigns. Remember that brands use experiential marketing to personally interact with consumers. It’s different to conventional marketing because they use an unforgettable live event to draw the interest of consumers and raise and spread awareness of the brand by word […]

Four pillars of experiential marketing (I)

In the world of marketing, experiential is officially a buzzword. All brands are now expected to go experiential: develop non-TV, non-print campaigns around live events in which consumers interact with the brand. Such activities, the argument goes, provide personal and memorable experiences for consumers and therefore bring them closer to the brand, trigger motivation, and […]


4 reasons why “old” CMOs never die… if they don’t want to

There is nothing more humiliating for a director of marketing or CMO than to be called a “digital immigrant.” They might as well say, “You ought to pick another career. This stuff is so advanced, you’ll never really understand it.” Some companies are now recruiting young people who have spent hundreds of hours navigating, exploring dozens of […]