Family Investment Companies in Times of COVID19: Real-Life Stories of Resilience

The pandemic has triggered times of unprecedented disruption for firms worldwide, highlighting the critical need for organizational resilience and flexibility. How have European family investment companies (FICs) performed in this context of uncertainty? As part of our ongoing research on European FICs, John Learmonth and I tracked a broad sample of companies, both before and […]

The Impact of Informal Institutions on Family Firms

Family-controlled firms (FCFs) are the world’s most common organizational structure, with distinct strategies and characteristics that set them apart from non-family-controlled firms. Around the world, the prevalence, strategy and financial success of family-owned firms all vary but what are the core drivers of these differences? To date, research has largely focused on the impact of […]

Digitalize your company by digitalizing your board

Digital transformation is a key strategic lever for today’s global companies and family businesses are no exception. As the top decision makers of the firm’s long-term strategy, the board of directors plays a critical role in this process of transformation. Marta Elvira, holder of IESE’s Family-Owned Business Chair, offers a roadmap to point executive boards in the right direction. Read the full post […]