Not Enough Jobs Now, But Will There Be Enough Workers Soon?

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis many countries are still battling with high unemployment rates. According to the recent overview of European economies provided in The Economist, youth unemployment in Greece and Spain is still around 50%, while in Croatia and Portugal it is well above 40%. Although the unemployment trends since 2013…

Will China’s Bubble Burst?

Some economists are debating about China’s economic bubble: not about whether the bubble exists (they concur on that point), but WHEN and HOW it will burst.  In your opinion, does this threat really exist? And what are the main risks for the international economy posed by the current situation of the Chinese economy?   Alfredo…

Clean Robot Cops of Kinshasa

You may have heard about the humanoid traffic control robots in Kinshasa recently. When the news came out, I thought it was interesting. The robot, affectionately known as robocop, can regulate the flow of vehicles and of pedestrians, combining the functions of traffic officer and traffic lights at the same time. I've not been to…
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