Will Travelling Make You Better at Work?

Imagine the following: you are an employee who needs to improve communication and problem solving skills, as well as become more creative and organized in your job. Yet, instead of organizing training hours and educational materials for you, the employer books some plane tickets in your name and sends you away to travel… That sounds…

Why Yemen is so important

The crisis in Yemen is an example of how many of the problems facing the world such as overpopulation, water stress, religious conflict, unrepresentative governments, and geopolitical tension are coming together in one country. What happens there may show us a scenario for the future of other countries.

People Smuggling and Modern Slavery

On a visit to Barcelona, a colleague of mine from Lagos Business School casually met another Nigerian in the street. After chatting for a few minutes, her new friend asked in surprise: "... did you come here by plane?" The anecdote might sound funny but the reality it reflects is anything but. He was surprised because…
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