When Robots Are Not Science Fiction Anymore

‘Rise of the machines’, ‘Robots are taking over’ and ‘AI is here to replace humans’ – don’t these sound like science fiction movie titles, which bring to mind images of human-like robots with burning eyes and hands, made of steel? And if not inspired by ‘Terminator’ movies, maybe you picture the ‘old-school looking’ robots like…

Where's the talent?

Conversations with business leaders from a number of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries revealed that recruiting and retaining talent is one of the most important challenges they face – if not the most important. The 2017 African business outlook survey confirmed that this experience is generalized. How do companies cope with this challenge? Recruiting talent: digital…

The French Election: Shall We ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Globalizing’?

This Sunday was an important day. Yes, it was the second round of the presidential election in France, but the results seemed to be quite important far beyond its borders. Namely, the second round of the French presidential race was viewed by many as a race between globalization and populism/nationalism, between further European integration and…
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