No Melting Pot in Europe

The humanitarian issue in the Mediterranean is only part of Europe's Immigration challenge. The real issue is to choose between forcefully shutting the borders or allowing immigration and encouraging a generation of immigrants to adopt european values by integrating them into civil society.

Comparisons are still odious

“Have you found a job yet?" This is a very common question when two people know each other and are on the verge of entering the workforce, such as the second-year MBA students at IESE right now, who will be graduating in a matter of weeks. But the answers can vary, depending on who is…

Ease of Doing Business Rankings in sub-Saharan Africa

The Managing Director of a Kenyan company with operations across East Africa explained to me that “Rwanda is embracing investors. They have an organized, one-stop process. We were done with registration within a week." Her experience doing business in Burundi was completely different. "The laws are not publicized and they change overnight”, she said. “Half…
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