Consumer Products: A Luxury Product?

Before moving to Nigeria for a relatively long period, I thought that testing the waters would be a good idea: would I adapt to a country so different to my own? I had many question marks: some were important issues, others were really minute. One of these minute issues was: will I find the toiletries…

Political Debate (II): Brexit and The Missing Dimension of ‘Ethos’

Following on with our discussion on how a lack of believability and trustworthiness (ethos) in our political debates on all sides of the political divide is causing the present disconnection among people, I would like to turn once again to the Brexit debate. Watching this campaign daily on British television it is easy to get…

Who killed Jo Cox?

Although Tomas Mair, a clearly disturbed member of a far right organization in the U.K. is the person who brutally murdered Labor M.O. Jo Cox on the streets of Birstall last Thursday, the real culprits are the politicians who have cast the referendum on Britain's remaining or leaving the UK in apoplectic terms.
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