Taking Office ... in a Hostile Environment

The inauguration of new President Donald Trump could be an example of what can happen in companies on the arrival of a manager that nobody wanted. How can this situation be turned around?

Taxing Ronaldo to Reduce the Burden on the Rest of Us

The relationship between football players and the tax authorities is a hot topic in Spain. A number of players have been singled out as defrauding the revenue services, one of the most recent being the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. In his case, the numbers appear to indicate he allegedly diverted €150 million to avoid…

Expatriation and Retirement

This is a Guest Blog entry. Author: Yvonne Quahe, Reimagine Life.  Yvonne is a HR consultant and coach who helps individuals, couples and organizations with globally mobile populations to increase their engagement with life, manage their careers and attract and retain talent. Has it ever occurred to you that retirement is as inevitable as death and…
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