How Can Leaders Manage Narcissism for Long-Term Success?

You’ve been called a narcissistic leader. So what? There’s no need to take it as a slight. In fact, leadership and narcissism go hand in hand. And before we go any further, let’s be clear on the real meaning of narcissism and how we, as leaders, can hone in on the good and phase out…

The Easter Rising and the Middle East

Dublin is covered in signs commemorating the Easter Rising which occurred in 1916 and started a process leading to Irish independence as well as sectarian strife offering an example of the long terms affects of politicizing religion and also the possibility of overcoming seemingly hopeless conflict in the goodness of time.

Best Practices in Leading Virtual Teams

‘Once upon a time, when people were still using paper and pen for writing up their thoughts and communication implied physical proximity, people used to work together by gathering in one room and discussing different problems and possible solutions…these people would be highly familiar with each other, they would speak the same language, they would look…

[PODCAST] The Migration Crisis: Is Europe at Breaking Point?

Europe has a backlog of more than one million migrants – refugees fleeing war in the Middle East. But events in Germany at the start of the year, following Angela Merkel’s decision to relax migration regulation reveal that the problem is not just the scale and volume of migrants – it is also about integration…
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