Alliances: The Key to New Markets

Last week was a high-energy one for me. A group of top-level executives from Kenya and Nigeria came to IESE. This week is part of their programs back at Strathmore Business School and Lagos Business School. I say the week was high-energy for me because I get re-energized whenever I am with Africans, as one…

Towards a Better Understanding of Global Professionals’ Adjustment

It is hard to argue with the claim that adjustment is one of the most prominent topics related to global mobility. Annual industry surveys, such as Cartus or Brookfield surveys, regularly point to a high prevalence of adjustment challenges. This is also reflected in the academic literature, where adjustment has been assumed a critical psychological…

What You Should Know About the Elevator Pitch

There is a well-known set of rules on how to make a good Elevator Pitch, which mostly focus on four aspects of form and content: Be brief (your audience’s time is limited) Be clear and direct (your son and grandmother should get it) Underline the growth potential and market size (and make it big!) And…

The “Via Media”

Is it possible to please everyone in a speech or in any interpersonal encounter such as in a conversation? Taking a middle path that gives no offence is easier said than done. Perhaps one way to explore this route is to look at how others fared when no practical solution seemed available
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