When we need more cooperation, we should look for more hope

Any working relationship, be it romantic, friendship- or business-related, implies mutual trust, doesn’t it? Indeed, any successful cooperation requires trust as well. Usually, the more we know people, the more we trust them, which is probably why cooperating with familiar people is easier than with strangers. Consider the prisoner’s dilemma, one of the most famous…

Will it be Goodbye, Mrs. May?

“You can only deliver Brexit if you believe in Brexit”, said Mrs. May in the early days of the general election. This was a lady who openly supported the ‘Remain’ campaign before the Referendum and recently ran a general election in support of the ‘Leave’ campaign. A contradiction, Mrs. May! I should think so. “Set…

Living with Uncertainty

Theresa May's surprisingly poor showing in last week's General Election has created even more uncertainty about Brexit but this is only one of the uncertainties that society and business must take into account when thinking about the medium term
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