Populisms (II): Characteristics

What are the salient characteristics of populism? There’s disagreement on this point, since it can be studied from so many different angles. Nonetheless, we can define it in broad terms: The fundamental analysis revolves around two categories: “normal folk” versus “the elite,” which will have its own nomenclature in every country. “We” are the people…

More Thoughts on Globalization

In January I wrote about the era of protectionism and populism, which we seem to have entered. As discussed, these trends seem to indicate a globalization backlash, voiced by Brexit and Trump supporters, who probably haven’t felt the benefits of a globalized market. As one Financial Times article puts it, the current socio-political climate is…

Regional transport infrastructure improvements

Integration may bring important benefits to Africa. It will foster higher growth and development (see Intra-African trade and transportation, Agenda 2063 (II): Connecting Africa through high-speed trains, Regional integration in Africa). Needless to say, regional transport infrastructure improvements play a key role in this. Africa’s infrastructure deficits, that include transportation and energy access, have been…
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