Introverts in an Extraverted Global World

How do you feel about big social gatherings? Do you consider yourself outgoing and at ease with blending into a group of strangers? Does your creativity spur in solitude or during team brainstorming? Do you prefer action or contemplation? As you have most probably sensed by now, all of these questions relate to the well-known…

Economic Performance Turnround in Ivory Coast

Think of Ivory Coast and what comes to mind? The war? The one that ended 4 years ago? I would hope that what comes to mind is what the Financial Times reported recently, that Ivory Coast has been transformed “from the worst performer in Africa in 2011 to one of its fastest-growing economies today.” What…

What NGOs remind us: human beings come first

Our societies have long recognized the role of NGOs—the third sector—in resolving a multitude of situations. Moreover,  in both developed and developing countries. But in recent years the boundaries between those three sectors seem to have faded, and the differentiating role of NGOs is at risk of disappearing. But what is the differentiating role of…
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