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Single Payments Area: How Does That Affect My Business?

IESE Blog | Finance | November 26, 2014 | Jorge Soley

SEPA and companies, Jorge Soley, IESE Business School, Finance

Europe’s progressive banking integration is directly benefiting companies in ways that may not have attracted their attention, but are certainly useful if they figure out how to use them. In this respect, the creation of the “Single European Payments Area” (SEPA) is designed to prevent any possible differences between the banking committees involving forms of payment, whether domestic or cross-border. This legislation from October directly benefits companies in four ways

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4 reasons why “old” CMOs never die… if they don’t want to

IESE Blog | Marketing | November 26, 2014 | Julián Villanueva

There is nothing more humiliating for a director of marketing or CMO than to be called a “digital immigrant.” They might as well say, “You ought to pick another career. This stuff is so advanced, you’ll never really understand it.” Some companies are now recruiting young people who have spent hundreds of hours navigating, exploring dozens of social networks …

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Economic Growth v.s. Co2

Doing Business on the Earth Blog | November 23, 2014 | Mike Rosenberg


Barak Obama and Xi Jinping signed a deal committing both the US and China to a roadmap to 2030. While the science is complex and the politics even more so, the good news is that the two largest carbon emitters who failed to sign the Kyoto agreement are, at least, talking about the issues involved and making commitments to deal with the problem.

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International Experience: Value with Limited Practicality?

Expatriatus Blog | November 20, 2014 | Sebastian Reiche

International experience is largely accepted as a value in the world of global business. Yet, as a recent survey indicates, this value often remains untapped due to challenges of knowledge sharing and implementation.

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Global Connectedness Index of African Countries

Africa form Africa Blog | November 19, 2014 | África Ariño

The DHL Global Connectedness Index 2014 report, prepared by a research team led by Pankaj Ghemawat – a colleague of mine at IESE Business School – has been published. Global connectedness refers to “the depth and breadth (geographic distribution) of a country’s integration with the rest of the world as manifested by its participation in international flows of products and services, capital, information and people.”

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Fracking Unmasked: the Real Effect on U.S. GDP

Economics Blog | November 18, 2014 | Eduardo Martínez Abascal

In past articles I have commented on the economic growth of the United States and the languishing European economy. Bottom line, in the United States measures have been taken since 2008, while Europe has mostly sat there twiddling its thumbs. Nevertheless, some experts remain skeptical, asking: Is the United States really growing because of its improved economy or the contribution of fracking to its GDP?

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CSR: The Company is in Need of Revolution

Business Ethics Blog | November 14, 2013 | Joan Fontrodona

It is still the dominant model, but we have to do away with it: The company can’t last as an organization whose ultimate goal is financial profit. Dozens of examples demonstrate that the model is wanting, outdate, needs to change.

The two economic crises early this century and the emergence of new heights of social awareness further stress, if that’s possible, that the concept of the company as exclusively focused on bringing economic value to its shareholders has expired.

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Entrepreneurs on Hostile Ground:
5 Lessons from Eastern Europe

Entrepreneurship Blog | November 11, 2014 | Júlia Prats

The fall of the Berlin Wall, which happened exactly 25 years ago, marked the dawn of a very complex transitional period for Eastern European countries. Yet even amid the tough environment, some entrepreneurs were able to overcome all the barriers and start businesses, some of which have since become thriving multinationals…

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Corruption: 10 Possible Causes

Domènec Melé

Transparency International annually publishes its Corruption Perception Index. It includes a range of countries, from the least corrupt to those with the most widespread corruption. There are too many countries with a low grade…

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