The Chief Twit

“The bird is freed,” one of the multiple phrases originated from Elon Musk’s barrage of tweets after his historical purchase of the social media giant Twitter. The implications of this event have already become a turning point in the social media landscape. However, before discussing how the new ownership has affected the platform and the […]


The split: is Twitch upsetting its golden goose?

A few weeks ago, Twitch announced that their revenue distribution for streamers would change from a 70/30 split from paid subscriptions to a 50/50. The paid subscriptions on the platform start at 4.99$. It allows subscribers to reward and support their favorite streamers while accessing exclusive content. However, it also means creators’ cut would decrease […]


A shift towards the creator’s economy

Since the pandemic, many companies have drastically changed their operations due to the boom of e-commerce, videoconferencing, and the availability of digital infrastructures. Many working environments have integrated working-from-home policies or implemented remote job opportunities. McKinsey & Co acknowledges these events, which also presents the consultancy’s vision of working after COVID-19. The report has other […]

Going back to authenticity

A new platform has disrupted the social media environment. A few months ago, “BeReal” started to fight the artificiality of social networks, and users couldn’t be more excited about it. Despite being launched in 2020, it didn’t gain recognition until mid-2022. As the name suggests, the platform claims to connect with “your friends for real.” […]

The last media hit of Elizabeth II

On the 8th of September, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen, Elizabeth II, had passed away “peacefully” at her residence in Scotland. That afternoon and the following day, Britain and many nations worldwide would pay tribute to her figure and honor her legacy. Because of the longevity of her reign and the interest that she […]

Trust in Media: Everyone’s Problem

Why does trust matter? Trust is critical for every institution to gain credibility and build a strong reputation. But it is a complex subject to study since it’s subjective and fluctuates through time. But trust is no secret for Edelman. This global communication firm has researched it for the past two decades. Each year, the […]