Spotify’s podcast aspirations

After two years of making massive purchases in the podcasting industry, Spotify may be planning to launch a subscription service for podcasts, a step that only a few firms have taken so far. Traditionally, podcasts have been open to consumers, funded mostly by advertisements but not subscriptions. The previous attempts to turn the sector upside […]


Noa, where curation is content

The birth of online news has made information overload a problem for consumers. With news updates popping up every second, it is hard to keep up with the current events while understanding the context for those events. For that reason, the audio company News over Audio (Noa) was launched three years ago to curate the […]


Spotify, the podcasting powerhouse

Before January comes to an end, we must still say a word about the podcasting industry and its current striking player—Spotify. Distributing third party content will not get the company very far, and since in music is very hard for Spotify to develop original content, podcasts are the best alternative that match their streaming and […]


Luminary dreams of becoming the Netflix of podcasting

On a slow morning in the New York subway, you can read through the handful of billboards that decorate the wagon. This past month, we could only see the podcast startup Luminary’s advertising, covering New York City’s subways. With its bright yellow banners and its enticing slogan (“Original podcasts with original ideas for original people,”) […]


Spotify wants to control the podcast industry

In 2019, consumers are constantly listening to podcasts. They play them on the commute, when they clean the house, while they are enjoying breakfast. Their phone reproduces their favorite news or comedy podcasts whenever they want and with the minimum effort. Spotify, the Swedish music streaming platform, wants to be the service where all those […]