Advertising in streaming

Lately, streaming networks have been particularly busy releasing new content, and the response has been very positive. Shows like “House of Dragons” and “Bridgerton” are keeping viewership high across various platforms. In fact, according to Netflix, users are more engaged than ever, spending over 10 hours a month on the platform, which is significantly higher […]

The split: is Twitch upsetting its golden goose?

A few weeks ago, Twitch announced that their revenue distribution for streamers would change from a 70/30 split from paid subscriptions to a 50/50. The paid subscriptions on the platform start at 4.99$. It allows subscribers to reward and support their favorite streamers while accessing exclusive content. However, it also means creators’ cut would decrease […]


A shift towards the creator’s economy

Since the pandemic, many companies have drastically changed their operations due to the boom of e-commerce, videoconferencing, and the availability of digital infrastructures. Many working environments have integrated working-from-home policies or implemented remote job opportunities. McKinsey & Co acknowledges these events, which also presents the consultancy’s vision of working after COVID-19. The report has other […]