What about Mastodon?

Twitter’s downfall is increasingly becoming a reality; under “Musk’s reign,” users are in despair and count the days the platform might resist. Fortunately, not all hope is lost since there is a potential alternative to the bird app called Mastodon. It shares similarities with Twitter; it functions as a microblogging network and allows people to […]

The Chief Twit

“The bird is freed,” one of the multiple phrases originated from Elon Musk’s barrage of tweets after his historical purchase of the social media giant Twitter. The implications of this event have already become a turning point in the social media landscape. However, before discussing how the new ownership has affected the platform and the […]


Is it the end of the founder myth?

After more than a decade, Twitter’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey, has stepped down from his CEO position, bringing to the spotlight an issue that frequently impacts tech companies—the founder dilemma. Today’s tech giants were touted as miracles born out of the minds of geniuses in the 90s or early 2000s. Among those entrepreneurs were Steve Jobs, […]


Clubhouse’s death is Twitter’s gain

Despite the hype surrounding Clubhouse earlier this year, the platform is slowly dying in favor of its tech mogul competitors. Its invitation-only structure and its iPhone-based design (at first,) Clubhouse has been a victim of its own success—the app will disappear, but what it brought won’t. And while the app’s numbers become stagnant, the other […]


Parler, an online home for conservatives

It’s a common catchphrase among the right that the left has captured social media. They argue that the platforms are only banning or tagging content from specific right-wing figures such as President Donald Trump, while not taking issue with leftist commentators. After the defeat of Trump in the elections, millions of users have decided to […]


How news outlets impact polarization

Since 2016, one of the main buzzwords in political media has been polarization. Voters have been polarized over various topics, the last one being the Supreme Court nomination, which is palpable when reading the news. But media outlets are not just a reflection of today’s polarization; they have played a fundamental role in creating that […]