The mousetrap

Bob Iger has resurfaced. In 2020, he decided to resign from his position as CEO of Disney and live a quiet life. Nonetheless, his plans have been overshadowed by the company’s current difficulties. It may be hard to believe that the all-powerful Disney would face the challenges posed today, but then again, time changes, and […]

Our 2023 forecast of “Trends in Media”

2022 has been full of newsworthy media events: Twitter’s saga (see The Chief Twit) The disruption of social media platforms like BeReal and Mastodon (read what about Mastodon?) The continuous growth of live streaming with the increased popularity of Twitch. But unfortunately, there have also been political key events that have impacted the media environment. […]

Nothing is actually free

When we post a picture, upload a story on a blog, or tweet about the latest news on Elon Musk, we contribute to the social media business. And, regardless of how we do it, it doesn’t cost us anything, or at least that’s how we perceive it. But, in reality, there are several ways social […]

Nobody fools me!

The usage of social media as a source of news is a common habit in the current consumption of online platforms. Yet, users not only use them as a place to search information and remain updated, in fact they also trust them enough to form their opinion and base decisions solely on the content they […]

What about Mastodon?

Twitter’s downfall is increasingly becoming a reality; under “Musk’s reign,” users are in despair and count the days the platform might resist. Fortunately, not all hope is lost since there is a potential alternative to the bird app called Mastodon. It shares similarities with Twitter; it functions as a microblogging network and allows people to […]

The Chief Twit

“The bird is freed,” one of the multiple phrases originated from Elon Musk’s barrage of tweets after his historical purchase of the social media giant Twitter. The implications of this event have already become a turning point in the social media landscape. However, before discussing how the new ownership has affected the platform and the […]


The split: is Twitch upsetting its golden goose?

A few weeks ago, Twitch announced that their revenue distribution for streamers would change from a 70/30 split from paid subscriptions to a 50/50. The paid subscriptions on the platform start at 4.99$. It allows subscribers to reward and support their favorite streamers while accessing exclusive content. However, it also means creators’ cut would decrease […]


A shift towards the creator’s economy

Since the pandemic, many companies have drastically changed their operations due to the boom of e-commerce, videoconferencing, and the availability of digital infrastructures. Many working environments have integrated working-from-home policies or implemented remote job opportunities. McKinsey & Co acknowledges these events, which also presents the consultancy’s vision of working after COVID-19. The report has other […]