What about Mastodon?

Twitter’s downfall is increasingly becoming a reality; under “Musk’s reign,” users are in despair and count the days the platform might resist. Fortunately, not all hope is lost since there is a potential alternative to the bird app called Mastodon. It shares similarities with Twitter; it functions as a microblogging network and allows people to […]

The Chief Twit

“The bird is freed,” one of the multiple phrases originated from Elon Musk’s barrage of tweets after his historical purchase of the social media giant Twitter. The implications of this event have already become a turning point in the social media landscape. However, before discussing how the new ownership has affected the platform and the […]


Trust in Media: Everyone’s Problem

Why does trust matter? Trust is critical for every institution to gain credibility and build a strong reputation. But it is a complex subject to study since it’s subjective and fluctuates through time. But trust is no secret for Edelman. This global communication firm has researched it for the past two decades. Each year, the […]

Internet access inequalities: triggers and remedies

The Internet and the accessibility of technological devices seemed to be the perfect formula to break the educational and cultural barrier that has historically marked differences between diverse social classes. Having all the world’s information accessible at a single click appeared to be the perfect solution for everyone to access universal learning. Over the past […]

Facebook’s oversight board in action

Six months have passed since Facebook’s oversight board started working as the social media’s “Supreme Court,” and the jury is still out on its efficiency. But what’s clear is that the board is not upholding all of Facebook’s decisions on content removal; on the contrary, it is overturning most of the tech company’s actions. Still, […]

Apple intends to save journalism… at a price

The next tech ‘solution’ for the news industry seems to be coming from Cupertino, California. Apple wants to launch a subscription service for news, what the media is calling “Netflix for news”. The tech company would require a flat monthly subscription fee—estimated to be around $10—in exchange for access to an unlimited number of articles […]