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Which is better, Bandgoogle or Bandzoogle? Whatever you call it (but it’s Bandzoogle), it’s upending the music industry and, at the very least, reaching million-dollar success. Bandzoogle is a one-of-a-kind platform created by musicians for musicians. It is a network that allows musicians to personalize a web to upload their recordings and release their songs. Bands, duets, choruses, whatever the type of artist, the platform claims that within minutes it can provide a completely functional and customizable channel for their artist to sell merchandising or tickets to their live shows. But, most importantly, none of this comes with a commission to worry about. The service is offered through various monthly subscriptions, allowing creators access to different website services. While these subscriptions are not free, the platform’s affordable pricing can appeal to those new to the industry or pursuing creative endeavors as a hobby.

Thus, the features of Bandzoogle can be summarized:

–                Easy to use website builder.

–                Powerful e-commerce tool

–                Marketing and fan engagement

–                Affordable pricing

–                Empowering artists to succeed.

Given all of this, it’s not surprising that Bandzoogle’s success has been echoed in a recent tabloid. According to some sources, artists have sold a total of $100 million on the platform. Apparently, upcoming musicians had to think of new ways to reach their audiences during the pandemic, and Bandzoogle was an appealing option. Still, the platform is even greater because it is focused on “putting more money in the pocket of creators.” The team behind Bandzoogle recognizes the challenges that musicians face in generating revenue from their work, which is why they reinvest their profits to continually improve the platform and make it the best all-in-one solution for artists online today.

Photo by Chris Ainsworth on  Unsplash

However, it is not the only platform that tries to meet the needs of aspiring musicians; here are some networks that compete with Bandzoogle:

  1. Soundcloud. A music streaming platform that allows users to upload and share new music.
  2. Wixmusic. Wix is a famous website builder with a dedicated music platform, allowing musicians to create professional-looking websites and sell their music online.
  3. ReverbNation. A platform that offers music distribution, marketing, and promotional tools for interdependent musicians,
  4. TuneCore. Another music distribution service that helps musicians get their music on digital platforms and offers promotional tools.

As a result, the platform operates in a competitive market, which becomes even more competitive when social media is factored in. TikTok and Instagram may focus on broader services, but they are channels that drive a lot of traffic and make reaching out to more people more accessible. The rise to fame of Sam Ryder is an example of how these platforms have had a significant impact on upcoming artists’ careers. Originally, he was known as a “TikTok talent,” posting short clips of himself covering hit songs. As a result, he not only represented The United Kingdom in the competition but also finished second. He succeeded because of his talent, but social media allowed him to gain millions of users’ support before entering the contest.

So, should Bandzoogle ignore or compete with social media rivals like Instagram or Tiktok? It’s probably best if they don’t, and it doesn’t appear they are trying. Bandzoogle may be in its early stages of success right now, and while its business model seems promising, we may have to wait a while before they try to compete with such networks. Until then, we recommend you take a look; you never know, your next favorite singer might be on one of their pages.

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