Female Ambition

Cover of Female Ambition

How to Reconcile Work and Family

Authors: Nuria Chinchilla and Consuelo León

Pages: 182

Editorial: Palgrave McMillan

Date: 2005

“When a man works long hours, it is assumed that he is doing it for the good of his family. If a woman works long hours, she is considered to be neglecting her family.” This observation made by a personnel director and mother of seven is quoted in the book. IESE professor Nuria Chinchilla and researcher Consuelo León turn the spotlight on a social and cultural problem that many people and families, and above all women, have to grapple with daily.

In Female Ambition the writers provide a compelling account of how the growing number of women in the workforce today are combining their professional and family lives. Given its comprehensive approach, this book is a must-read for every woman professional, as well as any human resource executive and chief executive officer.

Based on new research, the book traces the development of women in the workplace, and focuses on a host of critical issues such as current government legislation and the family unit, family-responsible companies, personal leadership and the management of time in the workplace and at home. Female Ambition addresses the critical challenges women face as they seek to combine careers with a balanced and fulfilling family life. The book also provides practical tips on achieving this goal, and includes numerous real-life examples. Moreover, it offers suggestions for business leaders who want to create efficient family-friendly companies in today’s global marketplace.

This book includes a foreword by Lotte Bailyn, T. Wilson Professor of Management and Co-Director of the Massachussetts Institute Of Technilogy Workplace Center, USA.

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