Masters of our destiny

Cover of Masters of our destinyAuthors: Nuria Chinchilla and Maruja Moragas

Pages: 278

Editorial: EUNSA

Date: (2nd edition) October 2013

Is it possible to balance professional, family and personal life? This is, without doubt, the key question being asked by everybody as one of the chief problems that remain unsolved in our society.

This book, written by renowed specialists, provides us with the answers to tackle this complex situation. The authors have based their solutions on their extensive knowledge and experience of the subject in many countries.

In order to achieve professional-family conciliation, governments and legislators must be involved. There must also be flexible entrepreneurial practices and an effort from the individual. But most of all, it is our own will to improve the reality that we live in and to become masters of our destiny that will allow us to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between what we give and what we receive from society.

This book, replete with in-depth reflections and practical examples, offers both a practical and complete vision of the subject, and is able to inspire multiple methods of solving the conflicts present in our daily, hectic lives.


«We live fragmented lives in a world filled with contradictory demands–for example, be good parents, work more, take care of ourselves.  Masters of Our Destiny combines rigorous social science with inspiration and data with emotion to reach a profound level of truth about the human condition and how to live our lives more successfully in ways consistent with who we truly are and who we seek to become.»

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

«This book provides theory, as well as numerous tools and practical examples, to help executives lead in an uncertain and changing environment that requires great adaptability. It presents an innovative focus and holistic vision of the person, who is viewed as a stabilizing axis able to inspire progress in business and society.»

Isidro Fainé, president of La Caixa.

«An invitation to the journey of life, aboard a metaphorical boat, which is sure to put wind into every reader’s sails…»

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO 20-first and VIP Advisory Board member of EPWN

«As well as tackling the central issue referred to in the title in a thorough yet simple-to-understand manner, the book seems to me an excellent instruction manual for people from all walks of life.  Written by two highly-respected professors, it provides a clear and highly accessible treatment of invaluable anthropological, ethical and psychological insights very much needed in the business world»

Antonio  González-Barros –  President of INTERCOM Group

«Unlike many ‘self-help manuals’ in the market, Masters of our destiny is a profound book, yet easy to understand about the most serious things: how to develope one’s true character and talent in a manner which is meaningful in the deepest sense. This is a very different book about women (and men), drawing on classical virtues and knowledge. It looks like an instant bestseller! It will do a lot of good to people of all kinds.»

Professor Janne Haaland Matlary, Institute of Political Science, University of Oslo and the Norwegian Military Staff College

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